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* Move manifold code to libfmlHEADmasterFranklin Wei2019-05-31
* Generalize to 2-manifolds, refactor, improveFranklin Wei2019-05-30
* Remove old math codeFranklin Wei2019-03-08
* Don't use angle bracketsFranklin Wei2019-03-07
* Documentation!Franklin Wei2019-03-07
* Clean up, add READMEFranklin Wei2019-03-07
* Move math functions into a separate libraryFranklin Wei2019-03-07
* Reorganize, use readlineFranklin Wei2019-02-11
* Further refactor and CLI workFranklin Wei2019-02-07
* add .gitignoreFranklin Wei2019-02-07
* Add CLI and gnuplot interfaceFranklin Wei2019-02-06
* Clean up for g++Franklin Wei2019-02-07
* Move test.cppFranklin Wei2019-02-06
* Refactor and code cleanupFranklin Wei2019-02-05
| * Add E field, revert to solenoidFranklin Wei2019-02-05
* | WIP: Add B field functionFranklin Wei2019-02-05
* Finish up toroidFranklin Wei2019-02-04
* Work on adding toroidFranklin Wei2019-02-04
* Add field output (suitable for gnuplot)Franklin Wei2019-02-03
* Add circular arc and spiral curvesFranklin Wei2019-02-03
* initial commitFranklin Wei2019-02-02